Asian Weddings

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Due to the variety and complexity of Asian weddings I am the perfect answer as the Wedding Maharaja / Toastmaster / Master of ceremonies to ensure the smooth running of your big day.

Rest assure that my experience and expertise and ability to organise the formalities, liaising with the venue Banqueting team, Photographers, caterers, Musicians, the speakers. Also announce Bride and Bridegroom, cutting of the cake, the Speeches, DJs/Bands, The first dance and other entertainment.

All this will be on pre determined itinerary allowing your wedding event to unfold before your eyes and relaxing and enjoying yourself with your guests.

Wearing my red tails adds extra class and splendour. But if you feel more of an Asian look would be suited I would be more than happy to wear.

I have officiated many Asianweddings. Trained, examined and supported by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of TOASTMASTERS.  Entrance to the N.A.T membership is based on knowledge of etiquette and protocol to maintain the highest standards of the Master of Ceremonies profession.

One of my duties, as the Wedding Maharaja / Toastmaster / Master of ceremonies is the official Photographic session with family and friends which takes place after the wedding ceremony. This does take time and certainly needs to be organised. I would however already liaise with the photographers some weeks back prior to your big day. A pre arranged photographic list would have been created by you. On the day I would assist the photographers by calling the names systematically according to the pre arranged list.
Frequently I am asked can I make announcements. The answer is yes. This is key to have a professional toastmaster / Master of ceremonies / wedding Maharaja. My voice is loud but clear, needed if you have large function room with over 200 people in it. Guests will need updating if they haven’t attended an Asian wedding before.

Contact me for an initial pre wedding consultation